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Which Sapphire Sets off Your Skintone?

It’s September which means that it’s the month of the beautiful sapphire. These sparkling gemstones are one of the three precious stones which have their base in the crystalline form of aluminum oxide: corundum. Rubies and padparadscha are corundum cousins of our typically blue, glittering sapphires which differ from their beautiful relations because of the very special inclusion of trace ... Read More »

The Symbol of Truth – September’s Birthstone “Sapphire”

September Birthstone Gemstone

September is a month to remember, the Sapphire the birthstone for September is admired for its great beauty.  The Sapphire birthstone offers such a gorgeous variety of color hues; from deep ocean-blues to several shades of orange/pink, pink to almost a red (red is Ruby), white and black.  This birthstone has been known for centuries as symbolic for courage, strength ... Read More »

SWCreations Articles – Sapphire—A Gem Fit for Royalty

Sapphire Gemstones are a Perfit Fit for Royalty written for SWCreations by Lisa Vella For centuries, sapphires have made their mark in the history of our world.  Understandably so—they are beautiful and unique gemstones that come in many different varieties.  In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers recognized sapphire for its wonderful qualities and named it as the official ... Read More »

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