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The Magic & Myths of Quartz Crystals

quart gemstone crystals

As a young girl slept she found solace holding her clear-white Quartz Crystal in her hand.  She worried she would drop it as she slept, but then would wake realizing she still had it in her hand.  Before she goes to bed and when she would wake, she prays holding her Quartz Crystal for strength, focus and energy.  She felt ... Read More »

Amethyst – Tears of Beauty

Amethyst – Tears of Beauty by Melanie Spark The Amethyst Gemstone is a semi-precious jewel of violet or purple colour that is available in many different shapes and sizes and is a common form of transparent crystallized Quartz. Amethyst is the Birthstone for the month of February and is mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Bolivia and Argentina, as well as ... Read More »

Dazzling Drusy Crystal: A Hot Item in Today’s Jewelry Market

Dazzling Drusy Crystal: A Hot Item in Today’s Jewelry Market written for SWCreations by Lisa A. Vella One form of quartz crystal that is becoming more popular among jewelry designers today is known as the Drusy (pronounced DREW-zee) mineral. Oddly enough, there are many different spellings, including “druzy,” “drusie,” “druse,” and even “drusies.” The word itself originated from the German ... Read More »

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