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Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: La Peregrina

SW Creations - Original Handcrafted Jewelry

In the mid-1500s, an African slave working in the Gulf of Panama found the largest, most lustrous pearl ever discovered. The administrator of the Spanish colony in Panama took the pearl, but rewarded the slave with freedom.The pearl was given to Philip II of Spain, who gave it to his fiancé Mary Tudor of England. Mary wore the pearl as beaded ... Read More »

Peacock Pearls – Iridescent Freshwater Pearls

Peacock Pearl Cluster Charm Earrings

Peacock Pearls in Jewelry Tahitian pearls, referred to as “Peacock pearls” are produced naturally or from Grafted Oysters that produce Cultured Pearls. Peacock Pearls psychedelic color rich bodies originate from the Black Lipped Oyster; typically found in the aquaculture of French Polynesia. Tahitian Peacock Pearls are distinguished by color overtones of dark to light greens, dark blues and multiple shades ... Read More »

June’s Birthstone: The Ethereal Pearl

June’s Birthstone: The Ethereal Pearl written for SWCreations by Stephanie Dray Pearl is June’s birthstone, lending its ethereal beauty to the traditional month for weddings. Since ancient times, when the month was dedicated to the Roman Goddess of marriage, it has been considered good luck to take marriage vows beneath June’s sunny skies. Even today, one cannot imagine June without ... Read More »

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