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The Meaning Behind Each Color

If you can’t quite decide on the perfect necklace or aren’t sure which ring to choose for yourself, let the colors be your guide. Fashion jewelry is so much more meaningful when a little extra thought has gone into choosing it. Why not commemorate a special occasion or time in your life with a meaningful stone? You have probably heard ... Read More »

The Best Ruby Gifts for July Birthdays

ruby birthstone earrings

When looking for the perfect gift for someone with a July birthday, you should definitely consider some gorgeous ruby jewelry. Ruby, one of the four precious gemstones, is one of the most highly prized of all stones, believed to carry some incredible qualities. Rubies are said to protect their wearers from danger, ward off evil spirits, and bring good fortune. In ... Read More »

About Quartz Gemstones, Quartz Gemstone Jewelry

Quartz Gemstones in Jewelry by Lisa Vella If you’re a gemstone jewelry connoisseur, there’s a pretty good likelihood that you have quartz, the world’s fourth most scratchproof mineral, sitting in your jewelry box.  The fact that it’s so durable makes it an ideal gemstone for everyday wear, and can be found in everything from watches, to earrings, to necklaces, rings ... Read More »

Jade Beaded Jewelry A Good Luck Charm

Jade is really a lovely gemstone that a great many consumers think of in a very affectionate, old-fashioned type of way.  Presently there are actually quite a few colors connected with Jade, while most people will think the deep green that may be the most common.  It is as hard as quartz, and has been traditionally used in weaponry.  Since ... Read More »

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