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February Birthstone: Amethyst

amethyst february birthstone

There has been a birthstone associated which each month out of the year for centuries, with birthstones holding a special place in the hearts of many. A lot of people seek out handmade jewelry depicting their birthstone or the birthstones of their loved ones. For February, the birthstone is Amethyst, a gorgeous purple variety of quartz that is very popular ... Read More »

December Birthstones

For each month of the year, there is a birthstone (or birthstones) associated with it, and for the month of December, there are three: tanzanite, turquoise and zircon. Birthstones are believed to have originated from the breastplate of Aaron which held twelve different gemstones to signify the twelve tribes of Israel. The current birthstone list used goes back to 1912 ... Read More »

November Birthstone “Topaz & Citrine”

November’s Birthstone “Citrine & Topaz” Birthstones, Topaz and Citrine by birthright are blessedly awarded to the people born in the month of November. Happily received by all as one of only a few months the weather changes and the leaves turn into rich powerful yellows, reds and browns. Known by most as autumn or fall, the weather turns to a ... Read More »

The Legend of October’s Birthstone “The Opal”

“Opal“ October’s Birthstone October’s birthstone for centuries was considered to be none other than the Tourmaline gemstone. But, Tourmaline was known more in medieval times to be the desired birthstone of October.  Now in modern time, starting at or around the 18thcentury, the Opal gemstone has gained in popularity and is now referred to as October’s beloved birthstone. October’s gemstone, ... Read More »

August Birthstone “Peridot”

august birthstones

The Peridot gemstone, Augusts’ birthstone is a rare and most beautiful gemstone.  Thought for centuries to have the remarkable ability to help alleviate problems, cultivate good experiences and improve one’s rapport with others.  The complex unique green color tones reveal a beauty almost indescribable in words.  As Augusts’ birthstone Peridot was a gift from Mother Nature, providing multiple colors from ... Read More »

Turquoise Jewelry Marks December Birthstone In Style

Turquoise Jewelry Marks December Birthstone In Style by Melanie Spark Turquoise is a semi-precious stone, which is commonly opaque (non-transparent) and features a sky-blue or greenish-blue color. Recognized as the birthstone for December, turquoise symbolizes prosperity, which means to succeed or flourish. Perhaps you choose to wear turquoise because of its relation to your birth month or maybe you enjoy ... Read More »

Amethyst – Tears of Beauty

Amethyst – Tears of Beauty by Melanie Spark The Amethyst Gemstone is a semi-precious jewel of violet or purple colour that is available in many different shapes and sizes and is a common form of transparent crystallized Quartz. Amethyst is the Birthstone for the month of February and is mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Bolivia and Argentina, as well as ... Read More »

July’s Birthstone: Ruby Passions

July’s Birthstone: Ruby Passions written for SWCreations by Stephanie Dray July’s birthstone is ruby. Given that July is a month dedicated to Julius Caesar—a dictator who died in a pool of his own blood–the red gemstone seems somehow appropriate. But then, July has always been a month for red hot passions, whether murderous rages or ardent love affairs. In that ... Read More »

June’s Birthstone: The Ethereal Pearl

June’s Birthstone: The Ethereal Pearl written for SWCreations by Stephanie Dray Pearl is June’s birthstone, lending its ethereal beauty to the traditional month for weddings. Since ancient times, when the month was dedicated to the Roman Goddess of marriage, it has been considered good luck to take marriage vows beneath June’s sunny skies. Even today, one cannot imagine June without ... Read More »

February’s Birthstone: The Romance of Amethyst

February’s Birthstone: The Romance of Amethyst written for SWCreations by Stephanie Dray Amethyst is February’s birthstone. Some might wonder whether amethyst’s rich violet hue is appropriate for a month associated with red roses and candy hearts. But as it happens, the legend of Saint Valentine says that he wore an amethyst ring carved in the shape of cupid. Amethyst beads, ... Read More »

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