Unique Beaded Jewelry For The Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life isn’t the easiest thing to do. Every retailer out there has an idea for you, from a new handbag to clothing, shoes to cheap jewelry. Although you can certainly fight the crowds at the mall and shop online for something appropriate, there’s nothing creative or fun about it. Here are five ... Read More »

Handmade Jewelry for November Birthdays: All About Topaz

Handmade Jewelry for November Birthdays: All About Topaz Love the look and feel of handmade jewelry and need to celebrate a special day? Choose a birthstone piece that features one or more topaz beads. While the term “birthstone jewelry” may conjure up images of tiny gemstone chips in bland settings, handmade topaz pieces are anything but boring. Learn more about this fascinating ... Read More »

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the month for Thinking Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. On my way home from the gym, I passed by a group of women dressed in pink and wearing their bras on the outside of their shirts. I felt so inspired to create some pink jewelry designs for Breast Cancer Awareness. You will see these designs in my store ... Read More »

February Birthstone: Amethyst

amethyst february birthstone

There has been a birthstone associated which each month out of the year for centuries, with birthstones holding a special place in the hearts of many. A lot of people seek out handmade jewelry depicting their birthstone or the birthstones of their loved ones. For February, the birthstone is Amethyst, a gorgeous purple variety of quartz that is very popular ... Read More »

December Birthstones

For each month of the year, there is a birthstone (or birthstones) associated with it, and for the month of December, there are three: tanzanite, turquoise and zircon. Birthstones are believed to have originated from the breastplate of Aaron which held twelve different gemstones to signify the twelve tribes of Israel. The current birthstone list used goes back to 1912 ... Read More »

The History of Glassmaking in America: Lampwork Beads

The lampwork technique consists of transforming molten glass into various artworks, including beads that are very popular in jewelry. Lampwork was first done by the use of alcohol lamps in which the flame would be increased in temperature using bellows. This craft has been widely practiced since the 14th century in Murano, Italy, but it wasn’t brought to the United ... Read More »

A Fall Color Palette in Gemstones…

autumn leaves

Fall is here. The leaves are turning brown, you’re thinking about rummaging about for that cozy woolly sweater and there’s a cold nip in the air. If you’re sorting out your seasonal wardrobe, we’ve put together our five favorite fall-colored gemstones to help you get creative with your jewelry this season. 1. Orange Tourmaline First discovered in Sri Lanka, tourmalines ... Read More »

Which Sapphire Sets off Your Skintone?

It’s September which means that it’s the month of the beautiful sapphire. These sparkling gemstones are one of the three precious stones which have their base in the crystalline form of aluminum oxide: corundum. Rubies and padparadscha are corundum cousins of our typically blue, glittering sapphires which differ from their beautiful relations because of the very special inclusion of trace ... Read More »

The History of Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are certainly one of the most beautiful and sought after styles of beads, as they feature unique styles, patterns, and hues simply not found in any other types of beads. The history of Czech glass beads is actually as rich as the beauty of the beads themselves. Find out more about the captivating history of Czech glass ... Read More »

Supporting Local Arts: Why You Should Buy Handcrafted Jewelry

jewelry handmade

If you are just now starting to get interested in handmade jewelry, you probably have a few questions. When you are searching for handcrafted pieces, you will be in a total different environment from your typical jewelry store and you’ll be looking at a completely new style. Why walk out of the department store and start looking at handmade beaded ... Read More »

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