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Give One of a Kind to Your One and Only

Every love is unique. Celebrate individuality with a hand crafted creation that compliments the one of a kind love, and beauty that is your significant other. Your love is one of a kind, and the gifts you give should be as well. With our handcrafted pieces of jewelry, you can tell your love that she is like that piece of jewelry: beautiful ... Read More »

History of Unique Heart Jewelry

Interest in heart jewelry will certainly increase now that Lady Gaga received a ring with a heart-shaped diamond worth approximately $500,000 on Valentine’s Day when her three-year boyfriend, Taylor Kinney of the television show “Chicago Fire”, who romantically “gave her his heart” and proposed to her. They have dated since 2011 when they met on the set of Gaga’s “You ... Read More »

Show your Love with Handcrafted Jewelry

Love and Jewelry

Human beings have been giving the gift of handcrafted jewelry since the urge to adorn our bodies with beautiful things first appeared. Lovers have gifted each other to seal their bonds. Families have exchanged beautiful trinkets to remind each other of home during travels. Friends have created works of wearable art that express appreciation each other’s individual spark. The meaning woven into ... Read More »

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