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A Fall Color Palette in Gemstones…

autumn leaves

Fall is here. The leaves are turning brown, you’re thinking about rummaging about for that cozy woolly sweater and there’s a cold nip in the air. If you’re sorting out your seasonal wardrobe, we’ve put together our five favorite fall-colored gemstones to help you get creative with your jewelry this season. 1. Orange Tourmaline First discovered in Sri Lanka, tourmalines ... Read More »

Which Sapphire Sets off Your Skintone?

It’s September which means that it’s the month of the beautiful sapphire. These sparkling gemstones are one of the three precious stones which have their base in the crystalline form of aluminum oxide: corundum. Rubies and padparadscha are corundum cousins of our typically blue, glittering sapphires which differ from their beautiful relations because of the very special inclusion of trace ... Read More »

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