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Diamonds Fit for a Queen: The Jewels of Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

Pomp and extravagance, political dissent and undeniable terror – these might be good words to describe the period of the French Revolution.  Calm and self-assured, outspoken, yet highly fashionable might be a few adequate adjectives to describe Marie Antoinette, who was indisputably one of the most fascinating figures during this period.  She ruled as Queen of France from 1774 to ... Read More »

Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: The Curse of the Black Orlov Diamond

Black Orlov Diamond

Let’s add the Black Orlov Diamond to the growing list of gems and beaded jewelry rumored to be stolen from Indian statues. I’ve featured several others on this blog. The Black Orlov is also known as the Eye of Brahma, since legend has it that a renegade monk stole it from a statue of Brahma. At the time it was ... Read More »

A Girl’s Guide to Garnets

Garnet Crystals

A Girl’s Guide to Garnets By Leslie Patrick Move over diamonds, come January it’s the multifaceted face of the garnet that’s taking over the limelight in popular beaded jewelry designs. Despite popular presumption, January’s birthstone exist not only in the traditional deep red they are prized for, but in pink, violet, brown, orange, and even surprisingly in the decidedly un-garnet ... Read More »

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