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Extend Beaded Jewelry With Jewelry Extenders

If you have ever received a gorgeous piece of beaded jewelry which simply did not fit, it is certainly very frustrating. Perhaps you would like to wear it with a lovely dress because it matches perfectly.  However it is too snug to wear and would be uncomfortable if you tried.    You truly did not want to give it away ... Read More »

Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: The Ruspoli Sapphire

Not every amazing gem is faceted, polished and set in beaded jewelry. We’ve already discussed the uncut Bahia Emerald, and the near-deadly, super-expensive battles surrounding its ownership. This month, let’s talk about the Ruspoli Sapphire—one of the most unique, priceless sapphires in the world. The Ruspoli Sapphire may have come from India. Instead of faceting gems at multiple angles and ... Read More »

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