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Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: The Bahia Emerald

The Bahia Emerald

The story of the Bahia Emerald isn’t one of women flaunting dazzling beaded jewelry, but of Las Vegas heists and near blood baths in the desert. It is the largest emerald stone ever found, and the single largest emerald crystal ever discovered in embedded in rock. It weighs 840 pounds. That’s about 1,900,000 carats. It’s worth about $400 million. Chump ... Read More »

Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: The Flame Queen Opal

SW Creations - Original Handcrafted Jewelry

Australia’s Lightning Ridge region is known as the black opal capital of the world, and has produced thousands of opals for beaded jewelry, as well as loose stones. But the most famous opal it ever produced has to be the Flame Queen Opal. Back in the early 20th century, a miner in Lightning Ridge abandoned his claim in order to ... Read More »

The Legend of October’s Birthstone “The Opal”

“Opal“ October’s Birthstone October’s birthstone for centuries was considered to be none other than the Tourmaline gemstone. But, Tourmaline was known more in medieval times to be the desired birthstone of October.  Now in modern time, starting at or around the 18thcentury, the Opal gemstone has gained in popularity and is now referred to as October’s beloved birthstone. October’s gemstone, ... Read More »

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