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The Magic & Myths of Quartz Crystals

quart gemstone crystals

As a young girl slept she found solace holding her clear-white Quartz Crystal in her hand.  She worried she would drop it as she slept, but then would wake realizing she still had it in her hand.  Before she goes to bed and when she would wake, she prays holding her Quartz Crystal for strength, focus and energy.  She felt ... Read More »

August Birthstone “Peridot”

august birthstones

The Peridot gemstone, Augusts’ birthstone is a rare and most beautiful gemstone.  Thought for centuries to have the remarkable ability to help alleviate problems, cultivate good experiences and improve one’s rapport with others.  The complex unique green color tones reveal a beauty almost indescribable in words.  As Augusts’ birthstone Peridot was a gift from Mother Nature, providing multiple colors from ... Read More »

Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: The Curse of the Amber Room

SW Creations - Original Handcrafted Jewelry

Earlier in my series about gems and beaded jewelry, I wrote about the Amber Room. If you missed that story, you can check it out here, but you don’t have to read that post to understand this one. The Amber Room was an entire room made of amber panels and beaded jewelry. During WWII, it was stolen from Russia by ... Read More »

Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: The Hope Diamond

SW Creations - Original Handcrafted Jewelry

You’ve probably heard of the Hope Diamond—the 45.52 carat megalith of a gemstone, colored a deep ocean blue with hints of violet. Legend says the Hope Diamond was stolen from its setting in the eye, or the third eye, of a sacred Indian statue, adorned with priceless gems and beaded jewelry. For the record, this legend is probably just that—a ... Read More »

Quartz Pyrite Fused Beads in Jewelry

quartz pyrite gemstone beads

The moment I saw these breathtaking quartz & pyrite gemstone beads at the bead show a dozen different colors and jewelry design style came instantly to my mind.  Just looking at the way these beads are able to capture light and the color combinations are really quite unique. It never ceases to amaze me the different beads I see over ... Read More »

Custom Bridal Jewelry – Customer Review

Hi Stephanie! I received the last earring set! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I absolutely LOVE them and I know the girls will also! We will definitely be recommending you to ALL of our friends! Thank you again so very very much! Jen Read More »

Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: La Peregrina

SW Creations - Original Handcrafted Jewelry

In the mid-1500s, an African slave working in the Gulf of Panama found the largest, most lustrous pearl ever discovered. The administrator of the Spanish colony in Panama took the pearl, but rewarded the slave with freedom.The pearl was given to Philip II of Spain, who gave it to his fiancé Mary Tudor of England. Mary wore the pearl as beaded ... Read More »

Quartz & Pyrite Gemstone Beads

Quartz Pyrite Gemstone Beads

The World shares a love for Quartz Crystals and the metallic luster of Pyrite.  Quartz originates from the Earths continental and in some cases is associated with Pyrite running as a vein like substance within it.  There is an abundant source of the colorless quartz but not of the colorful quartz, which makes it more rare depending upon the color.  ... Read More »

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