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Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: Antony and Cleopatra’s Opal . . . almost!

S.W. Creations - Original Handcrafted Jewelry

Here’s my next installment in the famous beaded jewelry and gems series! Antony and Cleopatra’s Opal When Caesar was murdered, Marc Antony fought a civil war with his killers. He won (of course!), then summoned the Queen of Egypt to answer for why she hadn’t supported him. Cleopatra knew she had to impress Antony. She didn’t want Egypt and Rome ... Read More »

History of Bali Silver Beads and Bali Gold Vermeil Beads

Bali Silver Beads

Bali Silver Beads and Bali Gold Vermeil Beads Bali is a place where ancient volcanoes peak out from swirling mist, golden beaches stretch into tranquil azure seas and the silver is among the finest in the world. For generations, Bali silver has been prized for its purity, durability and beauty, and the art of silversmithing has been passed down from ... Read More »

Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: The Amber Room

SW Creations - Original Handcrafted Jewelry

I love learning about the history behind famous beaded jewelry and gems. So many of them are rich in stories, were passed among royalty, or are even associated with curses. I’ll start the series with one of the most notorious precious stone stories in history. The Amber Room In 1716, Prussia gave Peter the Great of Russia an extravagant gift ... Read More »

Dyed Freshwater Pearls – How are pearls dyed?

freshwater dyed pearls

Dying of Pearls Have you ever asked yourself, “How are Pearls Dyed?” Dyed Pearls go through a serious process before they ever reach the “Dying of Pearls” stage. To dye a Pearl it must go through a process before ever reaching the Pearl dying stage. The treatment process of a Pearl begins once the unrefined material, eventually called a Pearl, ... Read More »

Peacock Pearls – Iridescent Freshwater Pearls

Peacock Pearl Cluster Charm Earrings

Peacock Pearls in Jewelry Tahitian pearls, referred to as “Peacock pearls” are produced naturally or from Grafted Oysters that produce Cultured Pearls. Peacock Pearls psychedelic color rich bodies originate from the Black Lipped Oyster; typically found in the aquaculture of French Polynesia. Tahitian Peacock Pearls are distinguished by color overtones of dark to light greens, dark blues and multiple shades ... Read More »

July Birthstone Gemstone – Symbolic Fortune of Love

ruby birthstone gemstones

Handcrafted jewelry adorned with Ruby gemstones, the month of July’s birthstone, has been accepted through the years as a symbolic fortune of love, passion and the ability to enrich one’s life.  Through history the Ruby gemstone is revealed as a powerful spiritual deterrent banishing sorrow and disharmony.  As well as offering protection from bad friendships and possible dangerous situations that ... Read More »

SWCreations Spin 2 Win Jewelry – June

Congratulations to our June jewelry slot machine winners M Courtney Tucker and Christina Hart! You have won your choice of a $20 gift card, pair of earrings $20 or under or one of the pairs of beaded earrings shown on our SWCreations Facebook slot machine page. Please contact us through our website to redeem your prize! Thank You to all that ... Read More »

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