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Handcrafted Holiday Keepsakes – Beaded Jewelry

Handcrafted Holiday Keepsakes – Lampwork Beaded Jewelry

by SWCreations
Red Lampwork Beaded EarringsGiving gifts of radiant colors and glistening sparkle this holiday season with gorgeous glass beaded jewelryfrom Stephanie A. White, jewelry designer and artisan at SWCreations.Beaded jewelry is one of the most unique gifts of the holiday season, and the handcrafted process at SW Creations makes it even more special. Stephanie White uses only the finest glass beads and gemstones from around the world, many of which you won’t find at the disposal of other, more expensive designers.SWCreations is very excited to offer designer beaded jewelry made from handcrafted Lampwork glass beads. Elegant and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, these beads were first created thousands of years ago by combining the flame of an oil lamp with air blown through a pipe. Today, natural or propane gas is the fuel used for this intricate and precise method of bead creation, while air or pure oxygen is the oxidizer that melts and shapes the glass.

Each Lampwork bead SWCreations adds to a piece of jewelry is a stunning and tiny work of art, selected from a treasure chest of colors and styles such as swirls of pastel, bold or metallic color combinations, floral patterns, and opulent solids that are either plain or embellished according to the design. Most are paired with glistening clear or richly colored Swarovski Austrian crystals and bright, oxidized Bali.925 silver.

Red Lampwork Beaded EarringsNo two selections from SWCreations are ever alike! Though Stephanie’s creative jewelry is often imitated, it is never duplicated, nor is any of her designer beaded jewelry ever mass produced. From beaded earrings to beaded anklets to a beaded jewelry necklace, you can be confident that the recipients on your gift list will unwrap jewelry that is as unique and special as they are.

From simple, understated beauty to jazzy, dynamic stand-outs, SWCreations has jewelry to please all tastes. See their selection of glass beaded necklaces for women and men and handmade beaded earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, watches, and button jewelry for women and young ladies.

Other popular items include birthstone pieces, which can be added to any custom piece, and jewelry extenders, ideal for increasing the size of any necklace, bracelet, or anklet for a perfect fit. SW Creations is proud to also offer a complete line of awareness jewelry, a portion of the proceeds from which are donated to support efforts to battle breast cancer, domestic abuse, and multiple sclerosis.

A wide array of choices are available at the SW Creations website, and only your imagination can limit the ways in which that ultimate piece of jewelry can be constructed. Stephanie will work with your ideas to make a distinctive, highly customized item, whether you want a particular shape or a piece featuring colors that celebrate any number of occasions, moods, personalities, or styles. Because each piece is the only one of its kind, even the girl who seems to have everything will be thrilled with handcrafted beaded earrings, handmade beaded anklets, or handmade beaded necklaces made versatile with a jewelry extender.

Stephanie takes great pride and pleasure in the items she makes. Every beautiful selection you purchase will be personally pre-wrapped by her prior to shipment to ensure a safe journey from her shop to your hands. See the selection at SWCreations.net and place any special orders soon to guarantee delivery by the holidays. We also invite you to visit them on Facebook.

Original, Beaded Jewelry Designs — As Unique as the Women Who Wear Them.

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