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Emerald History & Lore – Emerald Birthstone Gemstone

The birthstone for May is the emerald gemstone, a green beauty that unfolds throughout the springtime.  May would be considered the month when grass grows, flowers blossom, and everything is anew again.  The emerald is a stunning gemstone and is available in a wide range shades and colors: yellow-green, blue-green and the classic deep green. Yet, for all its unique ... Read More »

New Colorful Beaded Anklets Added

These new beaded anklets are fun, sassy and perfect for summer.  They are made with the highest quality materials to ensure they are durable.  Check out our huge assortment of handcrafted beaded anklets. Amethyst Tanzanite Crystal Beaded Anklet (SKU AG11/03) Handcrafted adjustable 11 – 11½ inch tanzanite purple beaded anklet created with purple sunset seed bead mix, tanzanite, amethyst, aqua, ... Read More »

About Quartz Gemstones, Quartz Gemstone Jewelry

Quartz Gemstones in Jewelry by Lisa Vella If you’re a gemstone jewelry connoisseur, there’s a pretty good likelihood that you have quartz, the world’s fourth most scratchproof mineral, sitting in your jewelry box.  The fact that it’s so durable makes it an ideal gemstone for everyday wear, and can be found in everything from watches, to earrings, to necklaces, rings ... Read More »

Custom Beaded Anklets, Designed with You in Mind

We realize how important it is to have custom jewelry created with your own personal flair.  Our custom beaded anklets can be designed to any length or color combination that matches you.  Designing your own custom beaded jewelry is a perfect way to add your individual style and touch.  These custom jewelry designs also make fabulous gifts to give away ... Read More »

May: National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

This month is the national month to raise awareness about this condition. SWCreations has been supporting the MaSquerade of Tampa Bay for years by donating $11 for each MS Awareness Bracelet sold to this charity in hopes of finding a cure. I would like to personally recommend supporting the  MaSquerade of Tampa Bay annual charity, founder Ande Felder, click here ... Read More »

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