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December Birthstone – The traditional birthstone for December

The zircon is a type of mineral that belongs to the family of nesosilicates. Zirconium silicate is the chemical name. Green, brown, red, golden yellow, and colorless are the natural color of Zircon. The Matura diamond are colorless minerals that has the gem quality and are very popular as a substitute for a diamond. They are not be confused with ... Read More »

Handcrafted Jewelry- Imparting the Special Touch

green gemstone bracelet

The desire to stand out in the crowd is common to everyone. This is not unusual, as we all love to be admired and talked about, thus providing reason enough for the growing obsession of things that promise to be unique or different. You might have a pleasing personality and good brains; but it’s more important to let the whole ... Read More »

Topaz or Diamond Legends

Information and Legends associated with Topaz, November’s Birthstone by Lisa Vella Topaz is a gorgeous gemstone found in a wide range of colors.  Striking shades of red, orange, peach, pink and gold are just a few shades of interest.  However, yellow topaz is the official birthstone for the month of November.  Commonly used as the suggested anniversary gemstone for the ... Read More »

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