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How to Choose a Piece of Handmade Jewelry

How to Choose a Piece of Handmade Jewelry – by Kristie Leong M.D. – When you choose a piece of handmade artisan jewelry, you are purchasing a piece of work directly from the artist’s hands. This gives it special meaning and value. Much thought and design knowledge has gone into creating your special handmade jewelry piece. Here are some guidelines ... Read More »

June Birthstone Article – Pearls

Pearls: Classic and Stylish – by Linda Blatchford – Pearls are June Birthstones: along with Pearl, Moonstone (Traditional: Alexandrite). There is so much history about pearls that five (5) months claim them as their birthstone: February, April, June (traditional), July and November. Pearls are an astral stone for the signs Gemini and Cancer are linked to the moon. Pearls have ... Read More »

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