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SWCreations as seen in Simply Beads Magazine

As Seen In Simply Beads Magazine February 2009 My BeadLoved Button Pendants These vintage button pendant necklaces are created as reminder that if you own your own button, it cannot be pushed. How many days can you go without letting somebody push your buttons? Simply Beads Magazines February 2009 Read More »

An Amazing Purple Semi-precious Stone: the Amethyst

An Amazing Purple Semi-precious Stone: the Amethyst by Priyanka Arora The term for the semi-precious stone Amethyst comes from the Greek word “Amethystos”, which means not drunken. This stone was actually believed by the Greeks of ancient times to prevent intoxication. It is also the birthstone for those people born in February. The amethyst is a purple semi-precious stone, with ... Read More »

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