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Turquoise Jewelry Marks December Birthstone In Style

Turquoise Jewelry Marks December Birthstone In Style
by Melanie Spark

Turquoise is a semi-precious stone, which is commonly opaque (non-transparent) and features a sky-blue or greenish-blue color. Recognized as the birthstone for December, turquoise symbolizes prosperity, which means to succeed or flourish. Perhaps you choose to wear turquoise because of its relation to your birth month or maybe you enjoy wearing it as a reminder of your goals of success but, whatever the case, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this popular gem.

Commonly used in the popular southwestern jewelry style, turquoise is a must have accessory for many. With a hardness level of 5 to 6, this gemstone offers a lustrous finish filled with natural variations in the color. In addition to its modern presence in jewelry, turquoise is very much a part of history after being valued in ancient times for use in both necklaces and bracelets.

As mentioned earlier, turquoise is available in a variety of colors. The sky-blue variation is the most desired in terms of jewelry, and is often referred to as a robin’s egg blue. Because this mineral is one of great popularity, it can also be very expensive. For this reason, many jewelry lovers turn to simulated turquoise in an effort to enjoy the same look as the genuine mineral at a fraction of the cost. When set in sterling silver, a precious and durable metal, the beauty of turquoise comes to life in all types of designs. From pendants to rings and even earrings, this simulated mineral looks identical to the real thing and can even provide a bolder look for the money.

For those who aren’t already familiar with turquoise, it’s appearance is unmistakable. A smooth rock-like gemstone featuring the color variations mentioned earlier in this article is one way to quickly identify this popular mineral. To the touch, turquoise feels like a polished, tumbled rock and offers a shiny surface. Unlike most other gemstones, turquoise is opaque, which means it cannot be seen through. When you think of a traditional gemstone, you may think of a faceted stone such as topaz, citrine, amethyst, etc. A turquoise, on the other hand, showcases its beauty on the surface alone.

If you are in the market for turquoise, consider both price and style when choosing the perfect jewelry accessory. While the genuine gemstone may be more expensive, the simulated mineral may be more suited to your budget and lifestyle. If you are a lover of blue or green and can appreciate the look of southwestern flair, turquoise may be the choice for you. When set in sterling silver, the true colors of this popular find are more vibrant than ever.

Speaking of sterling silver, this precious metal is both durable and affordable. As that which is stronger than some types of gold, sterling silver is the choice of many who either appreciate the crisp look of a white metal or who simply understand the value of a dollar. Because it is a precious metal, sterling silver is designed to last a lifetime with the proper care. Regular polishing to minimize tarnish and a nice storage area are all that’s needed to keep your sterling silver looking bright and beautiful. When you add turquoise to the mix, you’re sure to have a winning combination.

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