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February’s Birthstone: The Romance of Amethyst

February’s Birthstone: The Romance of Amethyst written for SWCreations by Stephanie Dray Amethyst is February’s birthstone. Some might wonder whether amethyst’s rich violet hue is appropriate for a month associated with red roses and candy hearts. But as it happens, the legend of Saint Valentine says that he wore an amethyst ring carved in the shape of cupid. Amethyst beads, ... Read More »

Mood Bead Bracelets – What Mood are You?

What Mood are You? written for SWCreations by Lisa A. Vella In the 1970’s a new and interesting kind of jewelry became one of the biggest fads of the decade to hit the market. It was the first piece of jewelry that could supposedly tell what mood its wearer was in. This piece of jewelry was the mood ring—it was ... Read More »

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