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The Facts About Domestic Abuse – by Lisa Vella

The Facts about Domestic Abuse written for SWCreations by Lisa Vella Most often, abuse occurs in cycles and being familiar with that cycle may help you or someone you know escape from a bad situation. The cycle always begins with abuse, which can be psychological, physical, sexual, or economic. After the abuse occurs, the abuser feels guilt, but not about ... Read More »

Jade Gemstones – Two Gemstones for Two Empires by Stephanie Dray

Jade: Two Gemstones for Two Empires written for SWCreations by Stephanie Dray To tell the story of jade is really to tell the tale of two ancient empires: the Chinese and the Mayans. Both cultures prized jade’s beauty above all other gems and precious metals. Both the Mayans and the Chinese used carved jade beads to make jewelry and they ... Read More »

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